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Error installing Salesforce Input 4.1.0 on 2020.4

6 - Meteoroid

Trying to install Salesforce Input 4.1.0 onto my 2020.4 version of Alteryx and am getting


WARNING: Url 'C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\Miniconda3\Common_Config\wheels' is ignored. It is either a non-existing path or lacks a specific scheme.


Wondering if someone knows of a fix? 


Thank you

7 - Meteor

Are you using Admin or non-admin version of Alteryx Designer?

8 - Asteroid

Admin version.  I just updated to the most recent release this morning.

8 - Asteroid

I created my own Tools folder in the location in ProgramData and the SalesForce connector tool is now available in the Connectors.  I don't know if it works yet, as I'm waiting for my SalesForce Login.