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Error installing PowerBI Output

I'm attempting to install power_bi_output_v2.1.2.yxi but get an access denied error.  My user account has access to the path mentioned, but the file doesn't exist there.


Below is the error message and screenshot of empty folder at that path.

install Error.png


I have attempted running as admin, this makes no difference.  I've also check that AntiVirus software has not quarantined the file.



Hi ChristophG,


could you make sure that when you download the tool power_bi_output_v2.1.2.yxi - that it does not rename it to Some firewalls have this behaviour.

This file does not need to be unzipped. You should simply open it with Designer and Designer should then start the installation.

Can you confirm this procedure so far?




Confirmed the file name is still power_bi_output_v2.1.2.yxi I've moved it out of the downloads folder to my desktop incase that was the issue. I've also attempted to run it by opening directly (from explorer) or file-open from within Alteryx

... and you get a question like this when you click on the file to install?


Actually no, first message I get (after it's processing for a little bit) is that error.  Interesting thing, when I rename the downloaded file to .zip I can see files in "\power_bi_output_v2.1.2\Lib\site-packages\Cython\Plex\", but the temp directory matching that has no files.