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Error in using Score module with Logistic Regression model


Hi all,


I have successfully build a logistic regression model, but when I am trying to predict the output on the validation dataset using the "Score" module I am facing this error:


                Score (22)            Score: Error in names(scores) <- paste(score.field, "_", y.levels, sep = "") : 


Below is the screenshot of the "Score" module:




If anyone has faced this error before or knows how to tackle it, please reply.




Sharayu R


Alteryx Partner

Hi Sharayu,


The messages from the Predictive Tools can be a bit cryptic as they are coming from R. 


Some common things to look at when troubleshooting the Predictive tools:


Making sure your field names only have letter, numbers, periods and underscores  (don't start with a number).

Upper case and lower case makes a difference!

Make sure you don't have any missing values (use the DATA CLENSE tool)

You don't want fields with only one value (constants)

Make sure you field types are correct (strings vs. doubles vs. Integers)


Can you share the workflow?





P.S.  @JulieH can this get moved to the Advanced Analytics forum?




Thanks a lot Bob for your quick response!


I was able to fix the error by passing the train and test separately through an Alteryx db file. I was initially passing it directly from my database server.


Your points were definitely helpful.




Sharayu R