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Error in the output of workflow


Hi All,

I am getting a weird error when i run Alteryx. A "zLib Error" in the output.

Any idea what this could be and how to resolve it?


Alteryx Partner

Some more details would be great :)   


What settings are you using in the Output tool ?

What are you feeding in to the Output tool ?

Do you have a sample workflow so we might be able to reproduce/test locally ?


Hi @cmcclellan 

Thanks for getting back to me.

I am basically outputting to a .xlsm file, the workflow used to work flawlessly for about a year and a bit when I built the alteryx workflow.

Think about a week ago ive started getting this error, but the thing is I haven't changed anything. I use a SQL procedure to bring in data via the input tool and this would work perfectly as well. I can only assume its some internal library within Alteryx that is not working okay maybe?

I am unable to send over anything due to IT restrictions at my firm. I was trying to create a similar workflow but the error does not appear and/or I cannot recreate it. Apologise for not being too helpful and very vague.

Any help on this would be great.


Alteryx Partner

That does make it really hard to diagnose though :(  Maybe contact support and see if they can help at all.