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Error in redshift database connection: "No Columns Returned"


So my database connection recently started throwing an error once I upgraded to the new version of Alteryx (2018.4.5). It was working fine before I upgraded, and I haven't made any changes to the driver settings. When I go into the Visual Query Builder it shows all the available tables and columns and works like normal, but as soon as I try to run I get this error:


Error: Input Data (1): Error opening "SELECT SRID FROM GEOMETRY_COLUMNS WHERE F_TABLE_NAME = 'fake_name'": No Columns Returned.


Not sure why it's saying that when it shows plenty of columns available in in query builder. Shows the same thing whether I try to pull specific columns or just select * from an entire table. Anyone run into this before?



Hi @susanb


I am posting the resolution we found for others who may have the same issue. It was resolved with using a newer driver downloaded from: Redshift driver