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Error in "Run Command" Tool

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi All,


I have encountered a error while using "Run Command" tool.


My designer is installed on a server; details are : Jumpbox: Windows Server 2016 Datacenter.

Since error is regarding version compatibility, do I need to upgrade my windows version. If yes, then to which version?






Hi @Nitish_Salve,


Are you able to run FB.exe on same machine without Alteryx? This error message seems to come from Windows and not Alteryx.


Kind regards,


Paul Noirel

Customer Support Engineer, Alteryx

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Paul,


Yes we are able to run code of FB.exe outside Alteryx on same machine.


It’s just a copy command which move data from json file to redshift table.

Successfully working on SQL Workbench:


COPY etl2_alteryx_poc.fb_likes_test

FROM 's3://'



json 'auto';


Not sure why not working with Alteryx.


Since error is regarding windows compatibility, can you suggest to which version I should upgrade.