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Error in Twitter Search tool after migrating to 10.2




I just updated to 10.1 and the workflow with twitter search toll which I have been using is now giving below Alteryx Twitter tool error.PNGerror.


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I was not able to duplicate your issue using alteryx


Your error indicates that Tool #11 inside of Tool #176 is producing the error. Since the Twitter Search tool is a macro we can right click on the tool and select 'Open Macro:' to see under the hood. Tool #176 in 'Twitter Search.yxmc' is 'twitter_oauth_macro.yxmc'. Right clicking that macro and again selecting 'Open Macro:' will lead to Tool #11: a Download tool respondible for sending a POST request to receive a bearer token.


Exactly what it is that is causing the 'Failure when receiving data from the peer' error is unclear and difficult for me to troubleshoot. You could try attaching a Text Input tool that feeds your Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, and Application Name directly to the 'twitter_oauth_macro.yxmc' and check the DownloadData and DownloadHeaders output from the Download tool that is throwing the error. I've attached a macro that does this. Enter your credentials into the Text Input tool at the beginning of the module, run it, and browse the output (if you get output and not an error).


However, the first thing I would check is to make sure that your network isn't blocking access to Twitter. That's my initial guess.


Hope this helps.




Sorry , twitter tool just fooled me for sometime. Now it fixed all I did was as per your suggestion right clicked and opned the Macro. That's it I did not change any thing, once I rerun the tool in new window it started responding properly.