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Error in ODBC connection in Gallery


I created a DSN on my local machine using Control Panel > ODBC > SQL Server and a similar DSN is created in the Alteryx server.

If i schedule workflow in gallery using Process ID or Server ID the workflow completes successfully. But, when i schedule it using my personal login i get "Login Failed for User" whilst scheduling. The same error for my colleague credentials as well. I have the same access to SQL Server DB as the Process ID. Please advise.


Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @dineshp 


You might want to check (or ask your administrator to check) the Server Run As settings:


If Alteryx Server has been configured to run as a particular user which does not have the same permissions as you to the relevant resource then that could be the cause of the issue.


If I've solved your problem please consider marking this solution as accepted. Thank you!


Hi, i have reached out to the admin team to get more information on 'Run As'. As far as permission, there is no difference. I and everyone in team have the same permission level as the process id.


The issue was with Server Server Login vs User Access.