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Error With Publish to Tableau Server Tool to Tableau Online


Can't seem to use the Publish to Tableau Server tool to publish to Tableau Online due to two errors: 




I uninstalled the previous version I had of the macro and ensured that it was the latest version that is compatible with my version of Alteryx (2018.2). I'm worried that it can be a possible error with the server URL and site URL that I'm using. I am using the same credentials that I use to login to Tableau Online and it works on other users' versions of Alteryx but not mine. Would appreciate any help! 


Sorry you're having trouble with the Publish to Tableau Server tool! Have you tried just inputting the name of your site instead of the full connection string?  For example, instead of "" just put "intelligence" under Site?  If that doesn't work give "" a go as well. 


Let me know if that works!