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Error While Installing Big query input tool v2.0.1 on Alteryx V2020.3

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Trying to install Big query Input tools v2.0.1 on Alteryx Version 2020.3

When trying to install i am getting this error attached below.

Please help me how can i overcome this error to use big query Input Tool.

Error MessageError Message

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Not only earlier versions even in Alteryx 2021.1 we have this issue


I didn't have this issue when I was working with 2020.4. Once I upgraded to 2021.1 my Big Query Connectors are not working, in spite of working through every single work around mentioned here like downloading and installing the crytography.yxi file and checking for the same in the requirements.txt (looks like they both are the same work around). 

When BQ Connector can work in 2020.4 , why not in 2021.1 ? This is problem that needs a fixture asap since it's not great to write data in csv and append them to tables while the whole job can be done in a click of a button.


Hi @Sudarsana_R I understand what you mean. 

Can you raise a ticket to on this, and they will be able to look into this as soon as it is possible

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@RishiK raised a ticket with Alteryx Support. Looking forward to hear a solution. Thanks for your quick response.