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Error While Executing a select query in Amazon Redshift

7 - Meteor



In Alteryx Designer 2018.3 , While Executing select * from Table " or any type of query via input tool to Amazon Redshift database am getting the following error "

Error: Input Data (1): Error SQLPrepare: [Amazon][Amazon Redshift] (20) Error occurred while trying to prepare a query: [SQLState XX000] ERROR: plan should not reference subplan's variable

". Could you please share your valuable thoughts ? 


Kindly Note : 


  • Same query is executing perfectly in SQL Workbench 
  • Database Connection within Alteryx Designer & ODBC is also sucessful.
  • Same Query Was executing properly couple of months back in the same workflow.
  • I tried to check the same error in google and also in other community but no luck.
7 - Meteor



Could some one share your valuable Suggestions.