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Error When Exporting to Tableau Hyper File Type


I had this issue as well. Until I converted String and V_String to V_WString, it worked fine. Thank you very much.

Alteryx Partner

As a follow-up, the solution is to change all text fields to V_WString.


if you have multiple text fields to convert to V_WString, you can use the 'Multi-Field Formula' and convert them all at once instead of manually using the 'Select Tool'.


Here's an image of my setup.




Hi, thanks for posting this solution.  I was experiencing the same problem and this has helped.  When following step 1 (changing String or V_WString field types to V_WString), if there are many fields to update I have used a Multi-Field Formula tool to do this instead of using a Select tool.  Below is the configuration I used in case it helps others.


Multi Field Formula - change Output Type.png