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Error Using In-DB Predictive with SQL Server 2016


Hey Community! I am attempting to set up SQL Server 2016 and Alteryx to allow Alteryx to use the supported Predictive Tools In-DB. I have successfully installed R Services on the SQL Server and I can use R in SQL Server using the command EXEC sp_execute_external_script  @language =N'R'. When I attempt to use the Alteryx In-DB Predictive Tools I am met with an error "Score_In_DB (8) Score_In_DB: Error in RxInSqlServer(connectionString = con_str, shareDir = temp_path, :"

If anyone could provide insight or a link to documentation/guide on how to setup or troubleshoot Alteryx In-DB tools I would really appreciate it. I have searched for anything with the error in question and Alteryx and I haven't been able to turn anything up.


Thank you!


Hi @jut 


Which version of Alteryx Designer are you using?


Version 2019.2 requires a R Client 3.5 from Microsoft which hasn't been created quite yet.


In the meantime, perhaps use Alteryx Designer version 2019.1 to perfrom your In-DB Predictive process.


Let me know if this helps.


Kind Regards,


James Marks

We are using 2019.2. I will attempt to run the workflow on 2019.1. Thank you!

James, I tried Alteryx 2019.1 and I received the same error  Score_In_DB (4) Score_In_DB: Error in RxInSqlServer(connectionString = con_str, shareDir = temp_path, :

Anything else I should be looking at to make sure it's all set up correctly? Thanks for your help!


@JamesMA Sorry forgot to tag you in the previous reply.


Hi @jut - please e-mail if you are still having issues with this and Support will look into it.