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Error: SharePoint List Output (42): Error encountered: An item with the same key


Can anyone help me?


When trying to update a SharePoint Online list using the SharePoint List Output connector I am getting the message:


Error: SharePoint List Output (42): Error encountered: An item with the same key has already been added.


I am using the ID field but this doesn't work - does anyone k now how to overcome this?


Many thanks

Initially, this stands out to me as an issue on the back-end of your SharePoint List. If you have previously run an instance of this Alteryx Workflow successfully, you would have already pushed the data values to your SharePoint List. Any run/ execution proceeding the initial execution will attempt to push those values, which already exist in the SharePoint list, into the SharePoint List (duplicates/ items with the same key). SharePoint, especially lists, can be a major pain. With that being said, it is merely speculative as you haven't provided much information. If possible, details on your Alteryx Workflow as well as the SharePoint list could greatly improve your chance of receiving help. If it is confidential information, I would suggest attempting to duplicate the error with mock data and providing that instance instead.



Thanks for your reply.


I am attempting to update an existing record with updated values - I have done this previously with other lists but am having problems with this specific one.


My use case is:


I have an .csv export from one system which I want to compare to values in a SP list.

If there are new records - create these (this works)

If items have change - update the items which have changed.


My workflow uses the SP input connector to bring in the list initially, workflow joins the datasets compares the values and produces a new records file  and 'changes file'. It falls down when using the 'update' option in the connector.




Hi @MattV_NERC 


This is an obvious point that you've probably checked, but are you sure your Sharepoint Output tool is in one of the 2 Update modes.  The default for a new tool is Append