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Error SQLExtendedFetch: [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000]

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I was wondering if someone knows what this error means? I run this workflow all the time with no changes and this is the first time I have received this.


Hello @jrob290


Can you upload a copy of your workflow as well so we can see where this is occurring?




Community Moderator
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Sorry kind of new to this... for some reason it would let me attach my .yxwz file


This is the input query that is failing:


"DWH"."- Enrollment Address"."Enrollment Address Line 1" AS "Enrollment Address Line 1",
"DWH"."- Enrollment Address"."Enrollment City" AS "Enrollment City",
"DWH"."- Enrollment Address"."Enrollment Postal Code Main" AS "Enrollment Postal Code Main",
"DWH"."- Enrollment Address"."Enrollment State Province Cd" AS "Enrollment State Province Cd",
"DWH"."- Enrollment Basic Detail"."Enrollment Address Token" AS "Enrollment Address Token",
"DWH"."- Enrollment Contact"."Enrollment First Name" AS "Enrollment First Name",
"DWH"."- Enrollment Contact"."Enrollment Last Name" AS "Enrollment Last Name",
"DWH"."- Enrollment Organization"."Enrollment Center Num" AS "Enrollment Center Num",
"DWH"."- Enrollment Organization"."Enrollment Country Cd" AS "Enrollment Country Cd",
"DWH"."- Registration Contact"."Registration E-mail Address Text" AS "Registration E-mail Address Text",
"DWH"."- Registration Contact"."Registration Phone Num Voice" AS "Registration Phone Num Voice"
(("- Enrollment Organization"."Enrollment Center Num" IN (*CXPROTOTYPECENTERS*)) AND ("- Enrollment Organization"."Enrollment Country Cd" = 'US'));


running it using a 3bit odbc connection


Center numbers are fed in using a text box linked to a update value which is connected to a input. The picture below are the only actions that occur before that error on that specific input