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Error SQLColAttribute(Numeric)

8 - Asteroid

I'm getting an error bring in a 32bit ODBC (only have it in 32bit) data using an input with the visual query builder.  I'm getting athe error on the Input Error SQLColAttribute(Numberic): [Microsoft][ODBC driver for Oracle]Descriptor type out of range.  Has anyone else seen this and how was it fixed?


Thank you 


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

We got a similarly cryptic message on a database connection to SQL which turned out to be a field which was oversized to come in via the current ODBC driver.


A few things that you can try:

a) given that this is an ODBC error - try it in MS Access or Excel (run the same query against your Oracle DB but through MS Access or EXcel) to eliminate Alteryx as the cause

-  If this gives you the same error then you know it's either the ODBC driver or a translation of your data

- Try bringing back something simple like Select count(*) from your table to see if htat runs - from there you can debug which field is causing the issue.

- Only robust plan here is to find a way to work around it, or to get an upgraded ODBC driver


b) If this query does work in Access / Excel then this is something that Alteryx is doing with the query (for example - for some databases, Alteryx issues a "Prepare" command to make the query faster)

- in this case, the best step is to strip this flow down to the minimum possible set of things that still replicate the issue (see if you can replicate it with 1 column in the data table, for example), and then post the flow; the table definition; and the details of your driver to this forum so that the more technical team can take a look at what's happening.


Cheers @brad_j_crep




12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

I miss @SeanAdams answers like this.

Treyson Marks
Senior Analytics Engineer
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