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Error: R (3): There was an error in WriteYXDBStreaming

Alteryx Partner



I have recently upgraded to Alteryx 2018.2 and I see lot of errors which using R tool and any other Predictive Tools. 

Recently I am facing issue using R tool node. I have to push data frame from R tool to Tableau server or to excel file but I am getting following error : Error: R (3): There was an error in WriteYXDBStreaming


Kindly assist. 


Thank you in advance. 


Hi @alphasupport,


I've seen this error in relation to field names or invalid field types.  Can you post a sample or mock up of your data and workflow for us to review?



Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx

Hi, I'm also having the same problem.


I follow the same syntax in a different work flow and didn't have any problems.


Here is a dummy example of the code I'm submitting:


LO <- read_excel("path", col_names = TRUE)
colnames(LO) <- gsub(" ","_", colnames(LO))


V1 <- LO[$`DBT`) &$`DBUL`) & !$`EDUL`) &$`EDT`) & (LO$`LDTSO`=="BAT") & (LOA$`DATO`=="BAT"),]

write.Alteryx(V1, 1)



V2 <- LO[$`D2T`) &$`D2UL`) & !$`E2UL`) &$`E2T`) & (LO$`L2TSO`=="BAT") & (LO$`D2TO`=="BAT"),]

write.Alteryx(V2, 2)


The error message says "There was an error in WriteYXDBStreaming". The code works in the R environment so I wasn't sure if there's an issue with the tool or if I'm missing something that I need to add.