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Error Opening File - Access is Denied

In attempted to input all .txt files in a folder I receive the error message "Error opening the file <mypath>: Access is denied". All files are capable of being input individually and I have moved the folder to several locations to no avail. 


Thank you!

Alteryx Partner

Do you have the files open at the same time ?, maybe in a text editor ?


Is it happening on 1 file or all files ?


None of the files are open when attempting to input the data.


The input is attempting to pull all files within a folder when the error presents. The error does not present when accessing just one file from the folder. 

Alteryx Certified Partner

I'm having the same issue.  Were you able to solve it?

Are you using "c:\dummy\path\*.txt" or "c:\dummy\path\?.txt"


* inputs all the .txt files in the given path, whereas ? only one character files.


It will be easy if you provide a screenshot of your error & connection parameters.


Hope it helps!



I am having the same problem Here is a screenshot. Thanks.


Alteryx Partner

OK, a few simple questions to start ...


1) Are you running this from Designer on your local machine ?

2) Can you access that folder in Explorer ?


yes to both questions. They recently it added to my machine and it is an updated version from the one I had been using remotely. I copied and pasted in the dynamic Input from a previous workflow that still works since Dynamic Input does not seem to be available any more. Or I just can't find it anywhere.


Now I have tools for Dynamic INput In-DB and things like that but not the ordinary dynamic input that I have been using with a wildcard to bring in multiple files and join them.


Hi @mgrau 

The access is denied error comes up when the dynamic input tries to read a folder instead of a file.


Looking at the screenshot, seems like the input tool is trying to read a folder as a file.

Can you please reconfigure the dynamic input tool and ensure that it is picking up the right field from the directory output.