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Error Message


Hello Everyone-

I am getting an error while uploading a workflow, below is the snippet of the error. I am also attaching the tool snippets which the error is referring to along with the built in expression  , is this happening because of the 0’s i am getting after the conversion ?

[scan_time] is a datetime variable .

Below are the 3 snippets  the very first one is the main error, 2nd snippet is of tool 31 and 3rd snippet is of tool 46. Thank you .






I'm not familiar with DateTimeHour and I couldn't recreate your error.


What is the input to the Formula tool and what is your desired output?


Please provide data samples from your input or attach a sample workflow (preferred).



Hi @ddiesel-

Thank you for replying to the post and apologies for late reply. 

I guess the "DateTimeHour" function was causing the error , I went around and changed it to below syntax and i was able to process the workflow without any error. 


IF TONUMBER(DATETIMEFORMAT([scan_time],'%H')) >= 4 and
TONUMBER(DATETIMEFORMAT([scan_time],'%H')) <15 then '1st'
else '2nd'


Thank you .