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Error Message Not Working Properly


Hello Alteryx community.  I'm back, with yet another question.


I have a workflow (see picture) that I have attempted to connect a Error Message tool to, right after my ListBox.  When the workflow runs, and the user does not select three values at the beginning of the app run for concatenation, I want an error message to tell the user that three fields need to be selected.  (Btw, the picture shows at least 1, but I want it to be exactly 3).  What am I doing incorrectly?





Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

The value that comes out of the List Box tool will never be empty. What it outputs is a true or false value for every field. Here's the formula to error if more or less than 3 fields are flagged as "true":






Thanks again :)  The solutions works, however, I am having an unexpected result farther along in my workflow.  


The workflow used to export two tabs, one for duplicate records, the other for non-duplicates, within the same workbook.

Here is what my log looks like now;




and here is the end of my workflow.  is the REGEX populating some variable that is conflicting with my export?  just a theory



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

The expression used in the Error tool will have no effect on the Output. Looking at your workflow, I suggest you place a Formula tool before your Output tool and create the output path there. That was you can use the Action tool to update the path, I assume the records will already have dup/non-dup assigned, which can be added to create the complete output path before the Output tool.




Thank you CharlieS.  I think my error is happening at a different step in my workflow.  I took the error handling out of the workflow and at the moment everything is working properly.  I will continue to work on this tomorrow.