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Error: DataWrap2FGDB Bad row Value

6 - Meteoroid

Error:  DataWrap2FGDB: An error occurred in CreateTable: The row contains a bad value.


 I have been having a lot of trouble geocoding features and exporting to a GDB.   I would like to know which row contains the Bad Value, Not just "The Row" as indicated here.  Because exporting to GDB is relativity new i am disregarding posts from 2 years ago which are not helpful with latest Alteryx


5 - Atom

Yeah, as long as I never modify the original GDB with ArcPro, I won't have any issues.  Even just making an old geodatabase the default GDB in ArcPro seems to lock it up.   

8 - Asteroid

Thanks for the troubleshooting notes @AKlaur and @CharlesGartside1. I was experiencing the same issue and realized that the file gdb was created in Pro. My workaround for now is to create a new gdb using Alteryx and then copy/paste into the existing (authoritative) gdb that was created using ArcGIS Pro. Not great...and it's still troublesome to only be able to output to WGS84.


Hello Everyone, I've been looking into this issue some more, and it appears that this issue is relate to an issue with the Esri File Geodatabase API. You can see more about it here: https://github.com/Esri/file-geodatabase-api/issues/24

Stephen Ruhl
Customer Support Engineer