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Error: An expression cannot end with an operator!!!


IF [Warehouse Graded Date]>= #9/31/2016# && [Warehouse Graded Date]<= #10/31/2016# && [Warehouse_Grade] = 'A' && [Warehouse_Grade] = 'B' && [Warehouse_Grade] = 'C' THEN 'Received - Qualified'

ELSEIF [Warehouse Graded Date]>=9/31/2016 && [Warehouse Graded Date]<=10/31/2016 && [Warehouse_Grade] = 'D' && [Warehouse_Grade] = 'E' && [Warehouse_Grade] = 'BER' THEN 'Received - Not Qualified'

ELSEIF [Puerto_Rico_IND] = 0 && Contains([Lease_Event], "Purchase") && [SPT_PPO_Percent_PaidAdjusted
] >= 1 && isempty([Warehouse_Receipt_Date]) THEN 'PPO'

ELSEIF[Puerto_Rico_IND] = 0 && ISEMPTY([Warehouse_Receipt_Date]) && Contains([Percent_PPO_Paid_Bucket], '100%+') && Contains([Lease_Status], 'Closed') OR Contains([Lease_Status], 'Cancelled)



Can anyone help as to why this is the case???

You need an ENDIF to close the IF clause


Thanks for the input! I tried it, and still having that error. It is specific to (Expression #1) it says. I am trying to filter based on date criteria and grade type


There were many issues (missing quote marks, using # instead of quote marks, non ISO date format, poor logic of AND with multiple same field values, missing a THEN statement, and so on), so I went through and cleaned it all up.


You will want to check the logic to ensure it matches your expectations, and where I put "Something", you will want to change that to what you would like the result to be.


IF [Warehouse Graded Date] >= '2016-09-31' 
AND [Warehouse Graded Date] <= '2016-10-31' 
AND ([Warehouse_Grade] = 'A' 
OR [Warehouse_Grade] = 'B' 
OR [Warehouse_Grade] = 'C') 
THEN 'Received - Qualified'

ELSEIF [Warehouse Graded Date] >= '2016-09-31' 
AND [Warehouse Graded Date] <= '2016-10-31' 
AND ([Warehouse_Grade] = 'D' 
OR [Warehouse_Grade] = 'E' 
OR [Warehouse_Grade] = 'BER') 
THEN 'Received - Not Qualified'

ELSEIF [Puerto_Rico_IND] = 0 
AND Contains([Lease_Event], 'Purchase') 
AND [SPT_PPO_Percent_PaidAdjusted] >= 1 
AND IsEmpty([Warehouse_Receipt_Date]) 
THEN 'PPO' ELSEIF [Puerto_Rico_IND] = 0 AND IsEmpty([Warehouse_Receipt_Date]) AND Contains([Percent_PPO_Paid_Bucket], '100%+') AND (Contains([Lease_Status], 'Closed') OR Contains([Lease_Status], 'Cancelled')) THEN 'Something' ELSE 'NULL' ENDIF




wow! thank you! this is my second day using it, so I am still on a learning curve. Thank you!