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Entries Repetition

5 - Atom



I am currently dealing with a dataset with 1000 entries, divided in 6 columns. I need to make a calculation in which every entrie is divided by twelve and multiplied by each period of the year (1 - 12). The problem is that the table data is not assigned to any period at all. Therefore, I thought that replicating the table entries 12 times and adding to each entrie a value from 1 to 12 should resolve this issue. Is it possible to make something like that on AlteryX ?


I'm new to the AlteryX, if someone in the community has other approach for this problem, feel freely to suggest. 

16 - Nebula

post some sample data - with what you have and what you want. are they currently in record order? Ie there is a record id 1 which corresponds to month 1?