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Enabling Disabling Containers based on a Condition

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Hello All,


I am not sure if it is a silly question but I need assistance to solve this issue. 


I have built a tool which has 3 different workflows for 3 different sales regions and all 3 workflows has a similar Input tool. The input file are named as "USA Sales.csv"  "Germany Sales.csv"  "France Sales.csv" and for all 3 regions I have created a seperate workflows because the file format and logics are diiferent, so we have Workflow 1 for USA, Workfow 2 for Germany, and Workflow 3 for France and every workflow has a email tool which sends out email to their respective sales team. I have setup a condition saying if the Filename has word "USA" then the file will be directed to Worklflow 1 or if it has "Germany" then it should be directed to workflow 2 and so on. 


My problem is everytime is run the tool all the 3 workflows runs and other 2 throws a error. I want to enable Diable my workflows based on same file name condition that if File name contains word "USA" then only workflow 1 should be enable and other 2 should be disabled and if File name contains word "Germany" then only workflow 2 should be enabled and other 2 should be disabled.


Is it possible to achieve this result in alteryx?


Sahil K


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16 - Nebula

Hello @skotian1289 ,


This is a quick demnostration in which by selecting on the dropdown what country you wanna process you can add the tools and the configuration you want as required:




Within the macro, each process is saved inside it's corresponding macro. By selecting what country do you want to proceess, it enables or disables, depending on your selection.


Hope this helps.


If you have any further questions or doubts about it please let me know.



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@afv2688 - You are a genius, your technique works.


Just a small issue though with your technique the user will have to go open the workflow and select the specific option in Macro tab and then run the tool, what if is it is a scheduled workflow or the tool is automatically picking up the input file from a specific folder, do u think tool will be able to decide on its own based on File name which Macro option to select ?


Thanks a lot

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16 - Nebula

Hello @skotian1289 ,


thank you for your comments 🙂


I have switched the app to automatically select the country based on the data entry. The problem is that if you are inputting data from two different countries there would need to be some input to select the country.


Before using the app delete the filter on the app, I just had it there to switch and select the data for testing.



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@afv2688 - How about if I create multiple filter streams example: Field1=FRANCE and Field1=GERMANY and so on in the "Select Process" canvas and connect those individual filter tools with the macro logic you provided, this way everytime a different file is extracted by tool it will automatically run that specific stream and generate output and since rest of the stream will have all False data it will automatically not create any data ?


Do u think it is a good idea ?



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16 - Nebula

Hello @skotian1289,


To avoid any problems, and to ease the proces, you just need to remove the filter tool on the app (do not touch the macros). Since the values are entering into a batch macro, the flow will process the information country by country:


- France data goes through france proces

- Usa data goes through Usa process

- etc


The results will be shown in the end toghether, like they were joined with an union tool.


If the amounts of columns don't match or you want them to be shown on different reports please let me know and I will do the adjustments.



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Hello there @afv2688 


I think I could really use an idea from you : D 


I've been looking and trying to recreate as much as I could of your workflow hoping that I would be able to grasp the main idea, but unfortunately I can't seem to come any closer to what I have to do and that is: 


Enable / disable container based on date. I am working on a process with different phases.

                Process phase                                                Processing date

  1. Sending emails to employees.               1st of the month
  2. Payroll                                                    11th of the month
  3. Finance                                                  15th of the month
  4. Bank                                                       22nd of the month

Now, I could probably trigger them manually each on its corresponding date, but I, ideally, should upload it on the server and I was thinking that maybe with having each phase in a different container that would be enabled based on Today = Processing date (meaning workflow would run each day until condition is met) might save the trouble of triggering it manually. 


Worth mentioning that it is the first time trying to work with Interface tool so I'm having a hard time using them correctly.


Is this possible? 


I appreciate your time!