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Enable/disable tool container using listbox selection

Hi Team,


I am working on developing an app in designer, wherein based on selection made in listbox respective containers should be enabled/ disabled. However I am not able to get an output. Please see attached a demo. And the listbox cannot be changed to other controls(since it is a part of huge model). Any help would really be appreciated.





Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Tool containers can be in two states. On or off, that's for it makes sense to have a interface tool for each container which turns each container on/off such as the check box, and this is straight forward to set up.

I'm not at my PC right now, but I imagine it would be possible through a listbox but it isn't going to be a simple one.

Your Flow and Formula are correct.

Just need to ensure that you have selected correct property for each action select property as in below snapshot and it will work.




Hi All,


I tried applying a similar logic to enable/disable the tool containers in my workflow but now it isn't running any of the sections (I have this same formula repeated 8 times except with different contains formulas).


IF !Contains([#1], "Entity Information")
THEN "False"
ELSE "True"


Can anyone help??