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Enable API connection (POST)

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thank you for always nice tips.
I want to make an API connection, I am using DownloadTool.
Since this site is returned in XML format, you first need to POST the information you need.

HTTP / 1.1 401 Unauthorized

Although it comes out, how do you solve it?
I attach a specific setting with photos.
Header and Payload are not doing anything.

Please help if you know the solution!

Thank you.Dounload1.pngDounload2.pngDounload3.png


Hi @SaoriYamguchi,


The 401 error typically is an indicator that you are not authenticating properly (i.e. Username / Password is incorrect). 


This community article series walks you through creating an API connection with Alteryx using the download tool. Specifically, I would look at the article for Authentication


If you have any additional questions, I'd be happy to help.



Alteryx Certified Partner

 Hi, @AmeliaG

Thank you for reply.
I want to send the password for POST and basic auth.
Then,I read your link site and try auth,but I could not auhenticate.

Where do I fill in the basic auth USERID and PASSWORD.

If you know,could you please tell me.

Thank you.


It's in the Connection tab to the right.

Alteryx Certified Partner


Thank you for reply.
I found it!
But,I didn't authentication.