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Embedding an output report from Alteryx App on the web page of gallery

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I have an Alteryx app uploaded on the company gallery, and this app is a workflow that ends with a Render Tool. I have the option "Choose a Specific Output File" selected, which generates an output report that a user has to download to view.


Is there a way to have the output report directly shown/embedded on the web page so that the user doesn't have to download the report and have it open on another browser? 


The goal here is to have the gallery web page embedded on a tableau dashboard so that a user can run the app and see the outcome on one page.


Thank you for your help! 


Hi @cwoo,


If you choose the output file type .pcxml in the Render tool, the report will render in the Gallery and will also be available for download. 


Will this work for your use case?




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@AmeliaG Yes, it will! Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!


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Hoping one of you can assist with an issue that has lead me down a many YouTubes and Google rabbit holes.  


I have a Analytic App that I created in Atleryx and would like to embed in Tableau for the end user to input information.  I have tried downloading the .trex extension file, entered my gallery, gallery key, and gallery secret but the progress ends there.  Below is the Analytic App I would like to embed in Tableau:



Thank you for the help!

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So I was able to get the "gallery" input to work... You have to enter in part of your gallery but you have to add "/api/v1" to your gallery url.


With that said, the functionality is lack luster at best.  We've decided to go another route (not alteryx) for this solution.  I still have not found a good way to embed an Alteryx App in other tools.