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Embed excel file to send multiple emails to multiple users

I have the data in the excel format. I want to embed the excel file and mail it to the users. The embed file should be user specific meaning the data has user's name in it and I want the excel file to filter the information based on user's name and embed into a excel file and mail it to the users.


Can you please let me know what is the easiest way to do it ?



Alteryx Partner

i think you're saying that you have an Excel file with usernames, emails and data and you want to email only the data for that user to the user ?


Do you have some sample data to use ?

Yes, you are absolutely correct. But I want to email the data in the form of an excel file and not in the tabular format. Because I was able to create tabular format and was able to send multiple users. As the number of rows in actual data is huge, it is not feasible to send it in a tabular format.


I have attached the sample format.


Thanks for your help.

Alteryx Partner

Sorry, but I don't understand.  If you don't want to send in a tabular format, how do you want to do it ?

The excel file should be embedded in the email tool instead of providing the results in a tabular format. So when the user gets the email, the data will be in the excel file which will be an attachment in the email rather than displaying the data in the email itself.

I have attached the output format that is needed. So separate excel files for every user. If there are 4 user information in the data then the output will have 4 excel files and these excel files will be an attachment when the user gets it by email.




Hi Nikunj.


I am facing the same issue. Please let me know if you found solution to this.




Varun Amin