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Embed Lookup Tables in Workflow



I am working with a workflow that uses multiple VLOOKUPS (in the form of Find and Replace tools). I am trying to create a series of lookup tables to make the workflow simpler, as I am trying to turn it into an app where the end user will only need to specify the inputs. I am looking for a way to embed these lookup tables in my workflow so that there is no need to re-input lookup tables. I have tried this with the Text Input tool, but my lookup tables are quite large and cannot be fully uploaded in the Text Input tool (the tools imports about 500 rows, but I have about 3000 rows in the table). Is there another way to do this/or a way to add the rest of my data to the Text Input tool?

Any help is appreciated!


Hi @grsomer,


I've used Text Inputs with more than 3000 rows in the past. You can copy and paste your data into them for your lookups. Obviously it's a bit slower and clunkier but it should work as long as the data isn't overly large.


Try and copy and paste and let us know how that goes.


Alternatively, you can look at using multiple Text Inputs and Union to build up the lookup tables. Or could you use the Generat Rows tool to build out the lookup?




The copy and paste worked perfectly! Thanks so much!