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Email tool - handling bad addresses gracefully?


Works perfectly @Thableaus , thanks again!


Hi! I know you found a workaround to your problem, but I am encountering a similar issue and am hung up on the "why". Have you seen any insight to the process of Alteryx checking the address book? I'm trying to figure out exactly where the validation point happens as I'm getting error messages for DLs that are valid, but don't show up in all global address books.




To be honest I haven't revisited the email function since I posted, and hadn't looked into it further.  I assumed that using my company's SMTP was driving Alteryx to check those internal address books, and if an address couldn't be found in them, it failed.  I just did a quick test with a personal email address of mine, and confirmed - even though the address is valid, real, and good, the workflow failed because it's not in my company's SMTP address book.  I don't know if there's a way to use an external provider's SMTP that wouldn't require an address book check.  Sorry it's not very helpful!




I appreciate hearing your experience on the matter, in any case, so thank you for responding.

My issue is that I'm not sure which address book alteryx might be checking. I know there is a "Global Address Book" and an "Offline Global Address Book" and I'm sure there are others...all of our internal addresses don't show up in all of them. Hopefully I'll stumble upon someone who can tell me where to look to find out!