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Email only works some of the time

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I am using the email tool to email an Excel file of a report to employee's within my company. I have found the email function to work for some email addresses, but not every email address. When there is an error, the message I receive is:


There were Errors: Email(68): Record#1: Unable to send email: "Error with Recipients:"


I am currently using the "Autodetect SMTP" within the email tool. Again, it works some of the time, but certain emails report this error message. Is this a firewall issue or potentially something else? How can I ensure this email tool works all the time? Thanks!




Hi Ben (@bkocarnik),

There are couple of possible explanations here:

1. Email address is incorrect and can't be delivered.

2. Recipient's email server is blocking messages from your email server. 


Start by confirming the email address.  If that checks out, try sending that recipient a test email from you that includes a dummy excel file as an attachment.  If that works, check the 'From' email address in the email tool (is it your email address or something else?).  Finally, have the recipient check to see if their email server is stopping your emails from being delivered.