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Email events not working since upgrade to 2019.3


UPDATE. I originally referred to the emails being rejected by BATV, however I now realise that is not relevant (the emails being rejected by BATV were external spam). IT can't see any record of the emails from Events. . I have no prior knowledge of BATV (I had never heard of the acronym before today) so please excuse my ignorance




I have workflows set up with Email events set to occur after a run with no errors. The From & To address is myself.

Since upgrading to 2019.3, I have not received any emails from these workflows. I know the workflows are still running successfully as they write an output to my Drive every day.


I am still receiving emails if I configure the Email tool with the same settings as the Event.


Has anyone else noticed this since 2019.3





seems I have the same one. This is valid both when running the workflow locally as well as when running from Gallery.

Unfortunately no solution so far.



Thanks for posting this issue! I ran the same test and events are also not working for me but if I use the email tool I received emails as expected.


Thank you all for raising this, I am a product manager here at Alteryx and I will prioritize a fix for this issue. I've tested this and can confirm we broke this functionality. I sincerely apologize for the disruption to your processes. We will work to correct this issue and get in the next release, as well as, aim to get fixed in a patch release. Please reach out if you would like to discuss this matter more, but apologies for the inconvenience.


Alex Polly



Recently upgraded our VM to 2019.3, confirming events do not work.  We normally have them set up to come from our department service account email via company SMTP server "After Run with Errors" and we have not been receiving them.  Urgently need a fix for this issue.


Again, apologies for the break in this functionality. I understand the urgency, we are working on a fix, and I will update you as soon as I can. Please reach out with any feedback.


Alex Polly



Yay. First the Mongo duplication faux-error, now event emails are broken. Do we have an ETA for the fix? I'd prefer not to have to revert to 2019.2 again.