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Email domain Extractor & applying common domain against grouped records

8 - Asteroid

Hi Team, 


I need your help and drawing a blank.


Aim : 

  • To extract the email domain from email for a given Id and put in a new column called "Email Domain"   
  • To find the most common Email domain for a given Id and stamp on all the same ids in a column called "Common domain for Id" 


Input data

Id Email


Expected outcome 


Id EmailEmail DomainCommon Domain for ID or or


Looking forward to your help 



This is what 

17 - Castor

Hey @Masond3,

Here is one way of doing this:


This solution uses Regex to find the Email Domain. If you want to learn more about Regex the community has some really quick interactive videos on getting to grips with it here


Any questions or issues please ask! 
Hope that Helps

Ira Watt
Technical Consultant 


8 - Asteroid

@IraWatt thanks for responding so quickly. The common Domain for Id is not being set correctly. 
I have included a data cleanse between the input and regex to normalize the emails ie ( put into lower case). 

For id : 001f100001OisCLAAZ there are 5 records, 3 of those 5 records have the domain of "" Therefore the "Common Email domain for id" should say "" not  ""

17 - Castor

Had a quick stab at this. Wasn't sure whether or not you wanted the @symbols removed in the common domain field as some have them removed and others don't in your example but easy enough to remove with a formula if not:



8 - Asteroid

@DataNath Love the handle ;) And this is exactly what  i am after.