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Email Tool to Automatically Send Emails with Attachments

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I am having an extremely difficult time getting the Email tool to work for my purposes. I understand that Alteryx does not allow authentication in their email tool, and since my company does not have an on site server for our emails, this does not work for us. We are hosting our domain on Network Solutions, and Rackspace is our Email server. I have been messing around with Send Grid to see if I can get this tool to relay with my email address, however I am clueless as to what I must set up before hand and what I need to put in the smtp field of the tool. Documentation is sparse. I have found several workarounds but they are not ideal. 


Any help would be much appreciated!

12 - Quasar

The Alteryx email tool leverages SMTP to send e-mails, so all you need is the info on how to authenticate to your SMTP server.  A quick search led me to this page for rackspace hosted email:


Which indicates the setting is on port 465


Hope that helps!

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Thank you for the prompt reply! I just tried entering "" in the SMTP field and got this error:

Email (2) Record#1: Unable to connect with AtlSmtpReadData for


This is definitely further than I got before!!


My question with this method is, how does Alteryx authenticate my email address? I don't get how it can send my email without the password since anyone would be able to send emails from my address if they could just use this servername and port number.

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Solved my issue with the service smtp2go found in this post : Email Tool - Gmail and Hotmail


For those of you following this thread, as of the 2019.3 version of Alteryx Designer we have authentication functionality within the Email Tool. Users can now enter their credentials (username & password), select an encryption method, and connect to the appropriate port number.


If you are interested in connecting to a Gmail or other email service that was not previously supported by Alteryx Designer, please refer to the following knowledge base article to learn more on how to do so.

6 - Meteoroid

Hi Can alteryx send emails using secure voltage encrypted emails through the designer / server?

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Thanks @gkakarlapudi!


Question, if I multiple users running the same workflow, how can I add a prompt for the user running the workflow to enter their email and username?