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Email Multiple Recipients Different Reports


Hi all,


I have a report that contains relevant information by name (assume two columns for example, "Sales Person" and "YTD Sales". I also have an Excel File Input that has two columns, "Sales Person" and their "Email Address." I then format it through the Layout tool, but cannot seem to figure out how to send a) Only the data relevant to each Sales Person and b) all sales people at the same time. 


I have attached the workflow and supporting files.


Thanks in advance!



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @aralbrecht one way of approaching this is to build a batch macro which for each sales person one by one  will generate a table for them and then send them an email. I have mocked up a workflow to show as an example


@JS420 - thanks for the quick response. I have never worked with macros so I am not sure I 100% follow the workflow. Any chance you have a few pointers for me to follow the workflow to better understand what the different parts of the macro are doing? Thank you!

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @aralbrecht I updated the workflow and added some commentary to explain the steps. This link also explains more about batch macro in general Let me know if you need anything else?

@aralbrecht  I would use the group by feature in the table tool if possible. I also excluded the email address from the table. I then just attached the header text since the visual layout tool doesn't yet support grouping. I changed the email tool to send it to the email address field.

Annotation 2019-08-08 071050.jpg


@patrick_digan @JS420 Thank you both. I am still running into the issue where it says "No Valid Fields" in the To: line in my workflow.


Any idea what might be causing this? I only have two emails in my list currently, which I cannot share as they are company emails, but both are valid. I have the email addresses joined like the examples you both provided, thanks!



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @aralbrecht with the macro I sent you it already have a field selected to use in the email tool was only missing a layout which would be updated when the macro was connected to your data.