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Email: Error with Recipeint


I'm attempting to utilize the email tool to distribute daily digests to several hundred people throughout our organization and find myself plagued with this error message:

"Record#1:Unable to send email: "Error with Recipients:;;"


Initially I received this error when any email address within the concatenated string of users in the "to" field was no longer valid. So, if an employee has left, and their email address is no longer functioning the email would not be sent to anyone from that field on.


In order to circumvent this, a colleague developed some dynamic lists within outlook based on company code and department. "". Unfortunately I'm getting the same error message with this distribution list.


For the record, the email tool works fine when I email it to lists of currently active employees, and some distribution lists. I'd like a little more information about the way this process works so we can troubleshoot this. Basically, how does this tool work? Does it somehow check the Global Address list for viability before it decides whether or not to send? Are there security measures on the server that might curtail messages?





Hello @DataJedi

Can you please include a copy of your workflow and some sample data?

This will help the community to troubleshoot the issue with you.


Community Moderator