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Email Automation with Alteryx Designer


Dear Community, 


We (with @SaintVincent) are trying to automate email with Designer.


We are not able to find how to put SMTP Authentification. 

Here are the following steps we followed:

1. Gallery Disabled



2. Can not activate Gallery as I am a Designer user



3. When running the workflow with the following setup I have an error message





4. Trying to add Authentification settings I have the following message « You don’t have any Alteryx Designer licenses » 




Anyone had overcome this? 


Thanks in advance for your help


Are you sure that is your smtp address? The reason I ask is because usually the stmp contains the name of your organization (i think, at least our's does). Can you contact a system admin?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
I came across this with one of our users who was trying to send subscription emails via tableau server.

It is something to do with office 365 and an inability to send an anonymous email (even if you put an actual email address in the from its essentially a mask).

Here is a related post on the office 365 forum...

No idea how to resolve though!
Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
In a lot of cases (including ours, we use gmail) the SMTP will not have the client name in and it's just generic to the software, but obviously this is definitely something to check if the SMPT is actually right!



This looks like a configuration setting on the email server that you are trying to use, not in Alteryx.

An email server can be set up so that users have to be authenticated as themselves in order for an email to be sent out.  Alteryx's email tool does not do this level of authentication today.  If you need to be able to send email using authentication, you might look into extending this functionality using the Python tool, and a package like smtplib.  This will allow you to log into the SMTP server before sending the email (note that this does require a password to be passed in, which may have its own drawbacks/issues).


Bonjour asilva, l'IT m'a confirmé que l'adresse SMTP est bonne, c'est outlook365 qui ne me laisse pas envoyé des emails automatiques sans authentification, j'aimerai pouvoir entrer mes codes d'authentification dans Alteryx mais cela ne me semble pas possible


Hey everyone,


For those of you following this thread, as of the 2019.3 version of Alteryx Designer we have authentication functionality within the Email Tool. Users can now enter their credentials (username & password), select an encryption method, and connect to the appropriate port number.


If you are interested in connecting to a Gmail or other email service that was not previously supported by Alteryx Designer, please refer to the following knowledge base article to learn more on how to do so.