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Edit Alteryx workflows using cmd line or equivalent




I would like to interact with Alteryx workflows without the need to open Alteryx Designer. My issue is that we have used Alteryx to productionalise solutions, however in our SQL server we have 5 environments, so if we need to make a change in one environment (one workflow), I need to change it in all 5 environments workflows. So what would be useful is if I could make a change in one workflow, then be able to "copy and paste" workflow and change the data connection so it repoints to the correct environment. 


Is it possible to do this using Alteryx CMD line? Any ideas would be great! 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

The method that will likely be most recommended here is to use Alteryx to edit Alteryx.


The Alteryx workflow files (yxmd, yxmc, yxwz) can be edited as XML text. To input these files into a workflow, Input the file as a text file (csv) with the delimiter set to "\0" (which is no delimiter) and increase the field width to something like 9999. Now that you have the workflow text, you can use formula tools and others to edit the text as needed. Then save the file as a text file with the original extension and it will be ready to go.


Take caution in this endeavor, it is possible to irreparably break the workflow when editing in this way, and I recommend extensive testing before applying this method to anything in a production environment. 




Thanks for the information. I have got up to the part where I save the file back, however I cannot save it as the original Alteryx entension. I can only choose from a drop down list and the only Alteryx file is database. Do you know of any work arounds?