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Easiest way to pull a unique set of data from 2 different tools




I am trying to finish building out a workflow. I have used a find -replace tool & appended the data to get most of the data together from 2 different inputs, after finding that the join tools were not getting me the results that I wanted. However, now I know that I have 106 records in a set of 38,331 records that were not pulled through with the find-replace tool. Any suggestions on how I can get just the 106 unique records out of the 1 data set? Please see the screen shots below.


Finding Unique Question.jpg

I am assuming that, after the data has passed through the Find and Replace tool, you are unable to make a Join to the original stream to see what matches and more importantly, what doesn't.


Perhaps if you add a Record ID tool to the original stream you can then use that field to join against the output downstream of the Find and Replace?






Hi @kvoelker 


The image that you posted is showing the results for the Replace input of the Find Replace tool.   Do the record counts match on the Find input?  This is the count that shouldn't change.




My apologies, I got pulled into other work & I had forgotten that I had asked about this. I was able to get this piece of this figured out, mostly.