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Easiest way to move nth rows up from the active row

8 - Asteroid

I have a data set with period values like 201901 for Jan 2019, 201902 for Feb 2019 and so on, the raw data is updated in a column called period start date, below is the input data screen shot


Now I want to move 'N'th row up in 'Start Period' column to copy the value and update as 'End Period', so my formula should be like


Create 'End Period' 

if [Latest Period] = [Period Start]
then move 11th rows up in Period start column                                      
else [Latest Period]


Desired output would be like this


Output in case "Latest Period - 11th row up"                         Output in case "Latest Period - 7th row up"

Output.PNG                                Output.PNG


[Row-1:Period Start] in multi row tool takes me to active row -1 but how do I move multiple rows up as shown above, any easy method?



15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @saibal_78 if you know what row you are going to such as in your example the 7th row in the Multi-Row formula tool you can increase the number of from 1 to 7 such as my example below.



15 - Aurora

Hey @saibal_78 


I think it would be easier doing this as dates rather than trying to lookup previous rows.


First you could convert you columns to dates: DateTimeParse(LatestPeriod, "%Y%m")


Then you can create your end period column DateTimeAdd(LastestPeriod, -7, "months")...or make this 11, 12 whatever you need


Then to make it look like the original input format you can use DateTimeFormat(EndPeriod, "%Y%m")

8 - Asteroid

Awesome ...thanks a ton