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ETS Tool Error Message


I recently upgraded to Alteryx version 2018.4.5.55178 and installed the predictive package.


A workflow that worked on my previous version does not work today.  Is there a problem with the new package or am I doing something wrong?


My ETS tool now gives me the following error message:

ETS: Error in round(the.model$aic,4)


The workflow runs and outputs despite the error message for one-off runs but it causes an iterative macro I’ve built using the ETS tool to fail.


I’ve uploaded a sample workbook.




That's weird. I am getting that same error when I run your workflow. It has something to do with the underlying R code not liking what we are feeding it. A potential solution would be to comment out that code and try running it but it runs the risk of breaking the tool (you can always uncomment it). 




I tried commenting the line out in the R code but that generated an error

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Getting this same error. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Hi Ryan (and the rest of you guys). Did you manage to find a solution? Just bumped into this error too.