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EST to UTC with daylight savings

7 - Meteor

I would like to convert my data that is in EST to UTC incorporating the day light savings.I used DateTimeToUTC(),but I dont get get the desired ouput as there is no option to mention the timezone of the input data

13 - Pulsar

The workflow assumes the data is in local time when it is run (so if it's running on a server, it's the time zone of wherever the server is located.)  As such, you'll need to make the conversion either manually to UTC, or to local time first and then use DateTimeToUTC().  Something like the following if the input data is in central time:



If your data crosses multiple timezones, you'll likely need to use some sort of IF statement to give an integer to each time zone as it varies from UTC, and then use that in the above statement.  Feel free to post some sample data if you'd like help with it.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @Newbie_1,


It looks like Alteryx uses the datetime settings of your local computer as the reference point, well that's what it seems to me when looking through the documentation:


DateTimeToUTC(dt): Converts a DateTime (in local system time zone) to UTC



13 - Pulsar

possible to share the sample data ?


8 - Asteroid

Thanks @danrh! The formula you suggested worked perfectly for me 🙂 

6 - Meteoroid

If anyone is still looking, here is what I also posted on another thread:


Based on your post about DateTimetoUTC, I used that and other DateTime functions as follows:



This gives me the hours my system is currently off from UTC by comparing my current local time (DateTimeToday) to the UTC equivalent current time. This simply relies on my computer to  be current with daylight savings changes.