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ESRI Shapefile - FileUnbuffered: Error in Read

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I'm getting the following error when trying to load a big (2.4 GB) ESRI shapefile.

Unfortunately the last bit is in the system language but it roughly translates to "The parameter is not correct"/"The parameter is not appropriate"

Any idea why that may be? I tried increasing the dedicated sort/join memory usage to 4GB

Access the .shp file here.



A shapefile has a maximum filesize of 2 GB.  It is likely that it is corrupted if there is more than 2 GB in it.

Stephen Ruhl
Customer Support Engineer

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Hello StephenR,


While that may be true when working with ArcGIS to build and export shapefiles, softwares like QGis can create .shp with sizes of multiple times what you mention, in which cases the above error occurs. I'm still to this day trying to find a solution to that error as it seems you guys have put a fail safe limit in the import function for ESRI's .shp format to limit the size.


I can assure you that my file is not corrupted as it loads perfectly in any other software except Alteryx, which makes this really frustrating.


Any ideas on how to proceed?