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E-mail encoding issues

Alteryx Certified Partner



I am trying to do a simple workflow that sends an email with information; it could be as simple as this:

2019-03-15 10_50_01-Alteryx Designer x64 - EmailEncoding.yxmd.png

But when I receive then mail, the encoding goes bad

2019-03-15 10_50_11-Indbakke - - Outlook.png

I have been wondering if it is because I sues the Visual Layout tool

2019-03-15 10_50_50-Visual Layout.png

But the “strange” thing is, that it seems fine in the Browse tool:

2019-03-15 10_51_13-Alteryx Designer x64 - EmailEncoding.yxmd.png

For information I am running on Alteryx Designer 2019.1.4.57073 and my Code Page is set to be Unicode UTF-8.

2019-03-15 10_55_18-User Settings.png

Is there any settings that I might have missed, or is this a bug?


Kind regards












Alteryx Partner

visual layout doesnt accept special caracters since its coded differently. You have to use html entities. For example:


Hemköp ->Hemköp


so in your case


ö -> ö

ä-> ä


This will solve the problem


Note: tried it out, doesnt work lol.Seems only accepts basic ASCII characters.


Alteryx Certified Partner

Well. as it turned out, I am not the only one, that have faced this problem.


So a big thanks to Alteryx Support, to be able to point me i a better direction.


This post "How to show letters like ë, ü and ï in the Visual Layout Tool and Email Output Tool" seem spot on to this issue, and @engdell provided a solution in this post "Visual layout not supporting scandinavian characters anymore"


The "trick" is to do a replace on the Layout, as @engdell wtites, it is not pretty, but it works2019-03-18 13_25_15-Alteryx Designer x64 - EmailEncoding_fix.yxmd.png


So by adding these replace of the "weird" characters


2019-03-18 13_25_39-Alteryx Designer x64 - EmailEncoding_fix.yxmd.png


The mail received now looks much better

2019-03-18 13_26_10-Indbakke - - Outlook.png


The new workflow with the "fix" has been attached.