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Dynamically update a list box and filter

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I have looked through all the examples and sat through a few tutorials but can't seem to find what I want to do.  


I want to be able to dynamically create the selections on my list box and then filter on my selections, however, I don't want to have to update the filter to do the replace.


Is this possible?



Thanks in advance.




8 - Asteroid

The options need to be in different columns, so this might solve your issue:



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey Mark!

Super close for sure. Just missing a quick step!

I've attached the workflow.


All I did was copy your list into another field, then Cross Tab that to make the select list.

The data just needs to be structured a little differently to feed the select box!

This should dynamically work for anything you now add!

8 - Asteroid

That did the trick!  Thanks.