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Dynamically select input columns


Dear friends,

Dynamically Select Date Columns.jpgDynamically Select ColumnsI want to schedule a workflow and dynamically select columns (the column headers are the last Sunday of the week). I want to run the workflow on Monday and it should fetch the data for the next week, below is my example


For example - i run the workflow on coming Monday i.e 7th Jan, it should select the column header 12th Jan and drop all the remaining columns, I then can use this column ahead for my transformation. Can you please suggest the way to do this? 


Thanking you,



Hi @rajatsaxena0707


OK, you may have to bear with me a little bit on this one, not sure it's the most simple, but it will work.


I have attached the workflow, the dynamic select is the part you want, I left the formula in there so you can see my working....




First I needed to get the week number - DateTimeFormat(DateTimeToday(),"%W")

Then I needed to times this by 7 and add this onto the first Sunday in 2019 - DateTimeAdd("2019-01-05",ToNumber([Week])*7,"days")

Lastly I then needed the date format to match that of your columns - Trim(DateTimeFormat([Date],"%d-%b"),"0")


Once I had achieved the output I rolled them all into one formula and that is what I used in the Dynamic Select:


[Name] = Trim(DateTimeFormat(DateTimeAdd("2019-01-05",ToNumber(DateTimeFormat(DateTimeToday(),"%W"))*7,"days"),"%d-%b"),"0")

Hi @JoeS


Thank you so much for providing the solution.. I was trying to accomplish this but in a different way and made it more complicated than it should have been; Your solution worked perfectly fine, thank you.





@rajatsaxena0707 you're welcome. I did quickly check a few random Monday's in the future, I think the time it may fall down/need updating is the start of 2020.