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Dynamically select fields for macro


Hey there,


I have a workflow with a macro "ABC" where I can select some fields from my data source.

As a next step, I'd like to turn my workflow into a batch macro, since for chunks of the data different things need to happen - part of that affects the selection of fields for my macro "ABC". Using a Field Info and a Formula I can find the fields that need to be selected in the macro, but I can't find a way to make an Action tool take some information from this list to translate it into an "Update XML".


Attached you find a screenshot what I was thinking about, but I cannot connect data to an action. Is there another way?


In the macro's field list box there is no "*Unkown fields" checkbox, otherwise I could find a workaround using Dynamic Select (which also would have some undesired side effects).


Best wishes



Hi Christopher,

Action tools update the workflow with values provided by interface tools, so you would have to insert an interface tool to allow updating of xml in the action tool. Some interface tools can take inputs from tools in the macro, e.g. the list box tool. The list box tool can take fields from the macro input as well which might work in your case.


If the macro is supposed to do different things to different groups of records based on fields selected, a batch macro might not be the best choice. The batch macro runs the same process multiple times. The detour tool might be a better choice as it allows data to flow through different paths depending on user selections.


Have you seen our Tool Mastery | Apps and Macros yet?


Henriette Haigh
Principal Support Engineer, Alteryx

Hi Henriette,


thanks for your reply!


I think, the Detour tool will not be an efficient solution: The variables to be selected differ between 10 different countries and I would need to have a Detour for each country. In the past, a Batch macro worked very well if I have a Control Parameter for country and use it for a Filter.


Another idea that came to my mind was to have another macro, which XML I change on the filesystem before letting data flow through it. But this seems very hacky...


Using the list box tool together with a Dynamic Select and the option to "check all by default", could be a way. I will have a look, thank you.


If you or someone else has another idea, it's very much appreciated.


Best regards