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Dynamically rename output files with the Table/Render tool

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Hi everyone,


One of the great features of the Output tool is the option to take a file name from a field.

In order to update the filename, you select the option "Change entire file path".

I would like to combine this option with the Table/Render tool and format my data before I turn it into an Excel file.

However, I can't seem to find the "Change entire file path" option or something alike in the Render tool.

Does anyone have a solution for this?


Thanks in advance.







Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @P_Schenk


In the render tool you can use the function "Group Data into separate reports" in which you can use the option "replacing entire path with group"



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Thank you so much LordNeilLord!!!


Originally I had no field to group on but thanks to your comment and printscreen I was able to succeed.



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Are you able to hide the filepath from the table when you output this? 

7 - Meteor

Yes, the filepath will not show within the table once it is outputted from the render tool.