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Dynamically group by all string fields and sum by number fields


I have a data source which contains [Year], [Month], [State], [City], [Store] and [Budget]

To produce an annual report I need I group by [Year], [State], [City] and [Store], and I sum the [Budget_$] field.

This allows me to compare to historic records.


Sometimes I am sent data also containing for example [Sales Assistant] and [Actual_$].

When I get these fields I need to contain them in the report. 

Im trying to create a macro that can dynamically group by all incoming string (& bool) fields, and sum by all numeric fields (currently a mixture of double and fixed decimal). 

Put another way I’m trying to remove all duplicates in the key fields (needs to be dynamic) as it is affecting a downstream join tool. 

Ideally it would be a macro containing just the one input and one output much like a summarise tool. 

Many thanks,




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

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This post might have exactly what you're looking for:


see the workflow 20181113-DynamicSummarize.yxzp from Charlie S


Also see this related post, using a RecordID field: