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Dynamically generating text box inputs based on an input file

5 - Atom

I have a chained application that selects a a Query from a selection.


I then have to allow the users to enter 1 to n parameters for the selected query.


I have a yxdb  file of   PARAM_NAME and PARAM_VALUES  but I cant find a way to dynamically create a view to allow users to enter these parameter.  (I need  a series of labelled text boxes for them to enter the data)


PARAM_NAME                 PARAM_VALUE

Start Date

End Date




Any ideas?  sample apps would be GREATLY appreciated.



13 - Pulsar

Hi @paulthomson,


Looking for more information.  Do the available parameter values change based on the query being selected or are both the number/name of the parameters and parameter values changing based on the query being selected?